Engaged Citizen & Educator

Jennifer will work hard for the community she loves!

Jennifer Casey is running for a seat on the Soil and Water Conservation District board. She is the granddaughter of farmers and her family has lived in Jacksonville for three generations. She grew up on the Westside and now lives in North Jacksonville with her husband of 19 years and their three children. Her motivation to run is to leave a legacy of natural resource preservation for the next generation.


Jennifer's experience as an educator will help her fulfill the board’s primary mission of educating the community about conservation, improvement and sustainability. She has taught at Jacksonville schools for the last seven years and has written award-winning articles for respected educational publications. Her education includes a M.A. in Instructional Design and Technology and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida.


Serving as Supervisor on the board is a volunteer position. Jennifer has served numerous community organizations and has directed summer outreach programs for children in her community for the last 15 years. She is endorsed by the Sierra Club Northeast Florida Group. She is also a member of the St. Johns Riverkeeper and a current volunteer for our conservation district. You can trust Jennifer to dedicate herself to the responsibility of elected office as an active board member!

"What we have in the St. Johns River, our beaches, our land and our wildlife is a treasure. It is essential that we cherish and protect it."

Smart Conservation

There are very practical conservation needs within our community that can continue to be met without taxpayer money. This is possible with the cooperation of affiliate agencies who provide conservation funding and technical support, local volunteer groups who create awareness about conservation issues, and program sponsors.

Education & Awareness

It is important that we introduce conservation education for children to ensure that they will be wise stewards of our natural resources. Jennifer will create an outreach program for children which our district lacks. She also supports the continuation of the existing educational programs, the Start Farming Panel and Farmers Market, and the local working groups which bring together agricultural and natural resources interests in Duval County.

Soil & Water Stewardship

As a community, we need to focus on soil and water stewardship. Jennifer will work with elected officials and other civic leaders on conservation, improvement and sustainability. Preserving our natural resources improves our quality of life, increases property values and provides opportunities for recreation, tourism, and business.


Vote Jennifer Casey

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